March 23, 2010

Gimmick? Or... Gimme, Part 2

A new post from guest blogger, Robeer

Today is part 2 of some tastings where we try to determine whether a brewery has put out a gimmicky beer, or one really worth drinking. Last time we sampled Morimoto Hazelnut, a Rogue Signature Ale. This time we sample Harpoon Brewery's Island Creek Oyster Stout. The beer is part of Harpoon's "100 Barrel Series" and the ingredients apparently include oysters. We weren't sure what to make of the idea of oyster as an ingredient, but Swift's Hibernian Lounge advertises a half dozen oysters + pint of Guinness special, so apparently the combination of oysters and stout is good...

So... how was the beer? In short, disappointing. One of the tasters said "it tastes like burnt coffee."  The same taster was expecting a dry stout, but this beer fell somewhere between a Guinness and a Jupiter Dry Stout -- it was, unfortunately, not the best of both stout worlds.

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