March 15, 2010

Gimmick? Or... Gimme, Part 1

A new post from guest blogger, Robeer

Today is part 1 of some tastings where we try to determine whether a brewery has put out a gimmicky beer, or one really worth drinking.The beer up today is Morimoto Hazelnut, a Rogue Signature Ale. For the uninitiated, Morimoto is a famous Iron Chef on Food Network. He is known for incredible creativity in the kitchen, and we suppose the idea is that he is also equally creative when it comes to beer.

The label for the beer is certainly creative -- it is a silkscreen picture of a younger, svelter looking Morimoto with one hand on hip, the other hand raising a mug full of what is presumably Morimoto Hazelnut, on a green background with Japanese characters and Morimoto's funky signature.
The beer itself is good, but maybe not as creative as we would like. It has a nutty, hazelnut nose, which is exciting. The taste is that of a flavorful malty brown ale. The hazelnut nose was very noticeable upon first pouring. After the beer had sat in our glasses for a while there was less hazelnut and more of burnt or smoky nose.

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