September 15, 2009

Home-made nocino

Photos of the first day of nocino brewing

When I lived in Berkeley, I exchanged fruits and herbs with Forage Oakland. From one exchange, I received nocino - an Italian liquer - made from unripe walnuts from Delaware Street for nocino I made from a Parker Street walnut tree growing in the sidewalk. It's an acquired taste (read: bitter, medicinal) and best served chilled and on ice.

The walnut tree on Parker Street

Walnut shells courtesy of neighborhood squirrels

The recipe I used was published by the Hammon Company but the website no longer works. Here's a similar, simple nocino recipe from Simply Recipe. After a few months of steeping, I brought the nocino to a party where a friend of Italian heritage recommended a longer steeping with slices of lemon. Here's an image of a finished nocino.

*Cross-posted. Edited on 09/25/09.

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