December 20, 2008

On tap at Barclays: Pliny the Elder and Black Diamond

From the extensive "on tap" menu at Barclay's Pub, we selected Pliny the Elder Double IPA and Black Diamond Hefeweizen. The latter was dry with an almost cider-like effervescence. Also, this hefeweizen was less fruity (no banana taste) than other hefeweizens I have drunk. However, the Black Diamond web site describes the beer as follows:
Our Hefeweizen is a traditional Bavarian style Wheat Beer.
We use an authentic Bavarian yeast strain, which imparts a fruity character with flavors of clove, banana and citrus.It’s gently hopped with German Noble hops and has a lively effervescent character that makes it an extremely refreshing brew with outstanding drinkability; the perfect beer on a hot summer day.

The Pliny the Elder Double IPA (above left), brewed by Russian River Brewing Co., was very hoppy, as expected. However, that translated into a bitter aftertaste, similar to "chewing the head of a dandelion."

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