September 30, 2008

Chemex drip pot


No, I do not own this drip pot. I use a French press and sometimes an old Krups espresso machine to brew my coffee. I read about the Chemex in the recent New York Times Magazine style issue. Pilar Viladas, who has used the Chemex, writes that "all you do is pop in a filter, add ground coffee, then water, and voila: a perfect cup (or 10) of java."


Like the Chemex, my French press is glass so it does not impart an odor to the coffee. Also, I don't need to buy filters for my press. The significant advantage the Chemex has over the press is its lack of moving parts. Vigorous plunging has damaged the filter mesh in my press. Luckily, I can order a new one (center piece in image) but I don't have the tool to install it, yet,

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