August 29, 2008

Steam Whistle Pilsner delivers

We've already expressed our appreciation of the Steam Whistle Pilsner. In addition to the taste, we also like the brewery's delivery program, though it's limited to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and its suburbs. Kegs or cases are offered: $42.95 for a 24 pack; $78.25 + $20 deposit for a 20L; $112.95 + $50 deposit for a 30L; and $179.95 + $50 deposit for a 50L. There are additional service charges for kegs and bottles, depending on the delivery zone. In the GTA, the keg service charge is $45 vs. $55 outside the GTA. The bottle service charge within the GTA is $15 per case or $45 for 3 cases or more versus $55 for 3 cases or more outside the GTA. The keg service charge include set-up and pick-up, 1 bag of ice, beer cups or glassware with the Steam Whistle logo, draught equipment with tap handle loan. The bottle service charge included set-up and pick-up, 1 bag of ice, bottle opener, and bottle trough loan. American breweries should enthusiastically adopt this system.

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