June 25, 2008

Beer offerings at Toronto pubs

Of the five new beers we drank in Toronto, the Steam Whistle Pilsner is our favorite. The brewery is nestled in a birch-filled lawn at the base of the CN Tower. The brewery does not serve food but you are given two free pint-sized tastings; we drank one pint each. Our tasting notes from the time we drank Steam Whistle:

"Yum! Thicker than a typical pilsner."
"It's like a Heineken."

In addition its great tasting beer, the Steam Whistle building uses "clean electricity," which it purchases from Bullfrog Power, to power its operations. Also, the building (pictured above) was a former train repair facility. You can still see trains and the rotating bays, pictured below.

Of the four remaining beers, we also liked Rickard's White. Surprisingly it is brewed by MolsonCoors. it was served with an orange slice. I wish hefeweizens were served with orange slices in the U.S.

We had great expectations for the Creemore Springs lager. It was recommended to us; an Ontario organic made from only four ingredients. We could not verify this information; no mention of organic ingredients are mentioned on the brewery's Web site. It was malty but it generally lacked distinction. One of likes lagers, one of us does not. Neither of us liked this beer though a web search yielded good reviews.

Our least favorite beers were the Wellington County Ale which tasted like a watery stout (above) and the Keith IPA that was so light in color and body (below).


  1. Nice post! some one told me that Monk’s Table is one of the top pubs in Toronto but I did not believe it until I visited there and now I can also say that he was right. This pub is one of the best pubs there.

  2. The Brewer & RobeerMarch 21, 2013

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Leonard! Next time we are up that way we will check out Monk's Table.