March 06, 2008

Wine odds and ends

In a previous post I provided the incorrect location for Franklin Square Wine Bar in Oakland. The wine bar is located on Franklin Square and not in the first floor of The Grand at West Grand and Broadway. I ate lunch at the wine bar this afternoon: a wild mushroom tartine with an egg over easy and a chevre cheesecake with caramel sauce and fleur de sel. The cheesecake was deliciously goaty and the salt absolutely energized the caramel. I did not order wine, but the flight menu for today is pictured below.

I have just completed Love by the Glass by Wall Street Journal wine columnists Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher. I used to read their column, "Tastings," when I subscribed to the newspaper. The last time I received the paper at home was one year ago and reading the book reminded me of how much I enjoy their writing style and perspectives on wine. You can view a video clip of their famous annual tradition, "Open That Bottle Night," on the "Tastings" web site.

On a different brew, I ordered a house coffee (the thermos was labeled "Mexico") at MamaBuzz on Telegraph at 23rd to get change for the bus as well as to warm up. The coffee was not fresh and I added too much milk. It was warming, but not pleasant tasting.

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