March 02, 2008

Super Bowl 2008: A tALE of loss

Post written by guest blogger, Robeer. Read his previous post about beer in Philadelphia.

Disappointing. A let down. We are talking about the New England Patriots – the Heineken, on the other hand, was excellent. We had a small Super Bowl party at our house with A, E and T where we tried out one of the 5L Heineken mini-kegs. We bought the keg at Bev-Mo, which also had other similarly kegged European beers. You have probably seen the really annoying commercial for the Heineken keg where one “friend” helps another by carrying the keg into a party (thereby taking all credit for the keg). In any case, the keg itself is incredibly simple to use. A nozzle that comes with the keg snaps into place on the top of the keg and you are ready to pour. It takes all of one second. The first pour came out a bit foamy, but this was probably due to operator error on the part of yours truly. Other than that, all the pours came out nicely. The one complaint was the tendency for the nozzle to drip a little after the pour finished. This problem seemed to go away after a half dozen pours. Sadly, the problems the Patriots were having on the field didn’t go away any time soon. So, while the kegged Heineken was really quite good, it did nothing to wash away the bitter feeling of defeat that we had at the end of the Super Bowl (nor did the Maker’s Mark).

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