October 30, 2007

More on the beer-wine-cheese trio

First, my apologies for not posting more frequently. While nature is winding down, my life has been going full blast. This post is not about a brew I enjoyed recently, but rather it's about choosing beer if you really like wine and choosing cheeses to pair with beer or other brews you like. The former is taken from a beer for wine drinkers article published by Appellation Beer and the latter from Edward Trencom's Noseby Giles Milton.

If you like...
  • a dry white, then choose a hoppy pilsner.
  • Gew├╝rztraminer, try a Vienna-style lager, or a Munich-style lager.
  • Champagne, choose a wheat beer (My favorite beer is wheat, but my wine of choice is a red - Zinfandel, Pinot, Cab.)
  • blush Zinfandel or pink champagne, try a framboise.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, choose an English-style ale, or an American IPA.
  • Pinot Noir, you might like a Scottish or Belgian ale (My second favorite type of beer).
  • Fino sherry, try a lambic (These are often out of my budget).
  • Amontillado sherry: a porter or dry stout (I've never tasted an Amontillado sherry; have you?)
  • Port, you might like a Trappist ale (tied with Belgian ale).
Miles via Edward Trencom's relative, Emmanuel Trencom, recommends the following drink and cheese pairings:

Oh, there's a drink for every cheese, tum-tum...and a cheese for every drink....Oh, a porter for a pave and a sherry for a sleight. A claret for a cantal and a toddy for a tomme. A julep for a jorbkase and a negus for a niolo. A gin for a gomost and a grog for a gruth. Champagne for a chacat and a cider for chaource. Oh, there's a drink for every cheese, tum-tum, and a cheese for every drink (Miles, 2007, 123). Emmanuel Trencom drank his vasterbotten with porter.

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