September 22, 2007

The game is not on t.v.

We heard this statement at three pubs on Saturday, September 15. Our first stop was Lanesplitter on San Pablo, a pizza and beer eatery, because two separate staff persons assured us the restaurant would show the game. When we arrived, two other large groups were there to watch the game as well. The staff told us that "the game is not on t.v." but we knew this was false. The San Francisco Chronicle had listed the channels that would carry the game. The issue was that Lanesplitter did not subscribe to the service that included the channel on which the game was playing. We ate our pizza and went to two other places - Spenger's Fish Grotto (a nice bar with lots of televisions) and Brennan's Restaurant (a cafeteria style bar with lots of televisions) - where we were also told that "the game is not on t.v."

Our final stop was Pyramid which was showing the game on all of its televisions. In fact, the brewpub shows all the Cal games! To celebrate our find we ordered a round of beers: Black Apricot (1/2 MacTarnahan's Blackwatch Cream Porter + 1/2 Apricot Weizen) tastes like coffee with fruit, Imperial Hefeweizen tastes and smells like bananas (22 ounce retails at Andronico's on Telegraph for $5.29), Amber Weizen tastes like traditional hefeweizen with malty end note, and Imperial Pyramid IPA tastes very hoppy with a creamy undertone.

front, Hefeweizen
center, IPA
center right, Black Apricot
rear, Amber

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