September 01, 2007

City of Love beer cafe

This post was written by guest blogger, Robeer.

We were in Philadelphia (the “City of Brotherly Love”) recently and had an opportunity to sample some brews at Tria Café ( Tria is a beer, wine and cheese bar that also offers an assortment of tapas. Tria’s menu does a nice job of categorizing the cheese and drink into different categories. We started with a beer from the “Invigorating” category - Sly Fox Royal Weisse (Ruthersford, PA) – and one from the “Friendly” category - Yards ESA (Philadelphia, PA). We paired these two tasty brews with a coffee and lavender rubbed cheese called Barely Buzzed made by the Beehive Cheese company of Utah (Tria categorized the cheese as “Approachable”).

left, Weisse

For dinner we had grilled asparagus salad, roasted beets with Bulgarian feta, brie with balsamic strawberries and gorgonzola with fig jam bruschetta (are you sensing a cheese theme?). Halfway through dinner we abandoned the local brew theme and adventured deeper into the beer menu, choosing one beer from the “Profound” category - Tripel Karmeliet (Belgium) and one from the “Extreme” category - Makana Iqhilaka African Mead (South Africa). We found the Karmeliet to be a bit like champagne; it was very bubbly and dry and had a slight witch hazel taste. The Mead was “all about the honey”; it had a cinnamon/clove/nutmeg flavor that made it seem “like Christmas”. It also had quite a high alcohol content at 12%.

left, Mead


  1. While the City of Brotherly Love may have lovely drinks, Boston is far superior and you should come back and sample some more beverages ASAP. ;)

  2. Eve, thank you for your comment. I take it you are a Bostonian. What "watering holes" do you recommend I visit on my next trip?

  3. There's a cozy place in Beverly Farms, I know.