September 14, 2007

25 years of California brewpubs

On Thursday, September 13, Triple Rock Brewery in Berkeley hosted the 25th anniversary celebration of California brewpubs. Twenty-five years ago, California AB 3610, written by Tom Bates (current mayor of Berkeley), allowed a person brewing beer to sell that beer where it was brewed as long as a restaurant was operated at the same site. Triple Rock was the fifth brewpub in the state opening in 1986. Numbers 1 through 4 are

Yakima Brewing & Malting, Yakima, Washington, 1982
Mendocino Brewing Co., Hopland, California, August 1983
Buffalo Bill's Brewery, Hayward, California, September 1984
Manhattan Brewing Co., New York, N.Y., 1984

The Triple Rock history page notes that "it is the only one now operating using the original brewing equipment and the only one still owned & operated by the original founders."

[via The East Bay Blog and Brookston Beer Bulletin]

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