August 08, 2007

More Boston brewed

Vessel at Cleveland Brewing Company

Edible Boston conducted a beer tasting of "the best beers Boston has to offer." The results are featured in the Spring 2007 issue. The review did not include beers from Boston Beer Works (read the Boston brewed post) or from Harpoon Brewery. (Sam Adams is brewed in Cincinnati, Ohio.)

The article's author (and the tasters) gave high marks to the offerings from the Cambridge Brewing Company (in Cambridge) and Berkshire (in South Deerfield), neither of which is located in the City of Boston. The tasters even included non-Massachusetts beers like New England Brewing's Atlantic Amber made in Woodbridge, Connecticut! A more accurate representation would have been beers from the Boston region. Anyway, the review is a nice beer guide, so I will keep it as a reference for my next trip to Boston.

- Berkshire Coffeehouse Porter (South Deerfield)
- Berkshire Maibock Lager
- Cambridge Brewing Company (CBC) Summer Hefeweizen 2006
- CBC Regatta Golden
- CBC The Wind Cries Mari (made with lavender and heather)
- CBC Spring Training IPA
- CBC Red Gold
- CBC Cerise Cassee (made with a cherry infusion)
- New England Brewing Atlantic Amber (Woodbridge, Connecticut)
- Opa-Opa IPA (Southampton)
- People's Pint Slippery Slope (Greenfield)
- The Tap Leatherlips IPA (Haverhill)
- The Tap Whittier

The tasters also recommended:
- Ipswich Original Ale
- Offshore Amber Ale (Martha's Vineyard)
- Wachusett Summer Hefeweizen (Westminster)
- Wolaver's Organic Brown Ale (Middlebury, Vermont)

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