June 04, 2007

Dry soda

You might be wondering why a blog dedicated to things that are brewed might feature a soda. I have two reasons: (1) I like Dry Soda and (2) the verb to brew has several meanings. Dictionary.com provides the following definitions:

- to make (beer, ale, etc.) by steeping, boiling, and fermenting malt and hops.
- to make or prepare (a beverage, as tea) by mixing, steeping, soaking, or boiling a solid in water.
- to concoct, mix, or cook (a beverage or food, esp. one containing unmeasured or unusual ingredients): She brewed a pot of soup from the leftovers.
to contrive, plan, or bring about: to brew mischief.

- a quantity brewed in a single process.
- a particular brewing or variety of malt liquor.
- a hot beverage made by cooking a solid in water, esp. tea or coffee.
any concoction, esp. a liquid produced by a mixture of unusual ingredients: a witches' brew.
- Informal: beer or ale; an individual serving of beer or ale: Let's have a few brews after the game.

I've drank two flavors of Dry Soda: Kumquat (left) and Rhubarb. I prefer Rhubarb, especially with the juice from half a lemon.

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