February 12, 2007

Brewed coffee or an Americano?

A good cup of brewed coffee always trumps an espresso coffee, like the Americano (in spite of its beautiful crema). Unfortunately, the closest cafe to my "day job" only serves espresso coffee. I have contemplated bringing a hot water heater and French press or a coffee maker to my office, but part of the coffee ritual is taking a break from the office. So during the week, I drink Americanos, unless I go further afield for a brewed coffee. But on the weekends, closer to home, I have more access to brewed coffee.

For example, these photographs were taken at Royal Grounds on Shattuck Avenue (Berkeley). There is also a new cafe, Mokka, at Telegraph and Ashby (Berkeley) that serves espresso, brewed, and filter drip coffee. I have had two prior experiences with drip coffee - one at Plumes in Monterey (smooth, delicious) and the other at the Berkeley Farmers' Market (a very strong brew by Bluebottle Coffee Company). You might be puzzled about the difference between filter drip and brewed coffee ... isn't brewed coffee made with a filter? Read a description of the filter drip process on the Bluebottle Coffee website.


  1. I am a little bit surprised at your comment about brewed coffee. There is not wrong with drinking a french press but espresso is the best you can have. The reason for that depends on the fact that, while making an espresso, the heat and pressure takes the maximum out of a coffee bean in terms of taste and flavor. This is something nearly impossible to achieve with a brewing technique.

    Hamdi Akan, Turkey

  2. Akan,

    Thanks for your comment.

    The espresso I make at home in an old espresso machine is great. I don't get the same from cafes. But, sometimes there is nothing like a cup of brewed ("house") coffee.

    I look forward to more of your comments.