September 30, 2006

Central Coast : Plumes Coffee on a cloudy morning

The list of beans at Plumes Coffee

On the last morning of our Central Coast trip, we went to Plumes Coffee in Monterey. Our guide book (Hidden San Francisco and Northern California) described it as a "coffee shop quite unlike any you've ever visited before...they grind the beans for each cup and brew it individually."

Living in the East Bay has made us coffee snobs. The idea of a freshly ground, individually brewed cup of coffee was very exciting. The process works as follows: the customer selects a type of bean, the beans are ground, the grind is placed in an individual filter, the coffee is brewed by pouring hot water onto the grind several times. We did not get photos of the coffee being ground but we have photos of the brewing process.

The grind is brewing

Individually-brewed cup of coffee

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