August 26, 2006

The cloudiness factor

Two wheat beers were rated according to the cloudiness factor. Both Sudwerk Hefeweizen and Sierra Nevada Wheat claimed 100% unfiltered wheat. The beers were poured in similar glasses and compared side-by-side against a white background. The Sudwerk appears cloudier.

The bottles

The pour

The swirl (the last 1/3)

The comparison (the Sudwerk (left) is cloudier)

Tasting notes
Sudwerk - fruity, smooth
Sierra Nevada - hoppy, bright


  1. Ah, Sudwerk and Sierra Nevada. Staples of California college students. I've actually never seen SN Wheat in any shops before. How much does it sell for? Thanks

  2. At the local Andronico's grocery, a six-pack of SN wheat is priced at $6.99 (sale) or $7.99.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I provided the incorrect prices in the previous post. A six-pack of SN Wheat is $8.49 at the local Andronico's. I think the sale price is $7.49 or $7.99.