August 20, 2006

Bison's organic cycle : from barley to stout to compost

(The Belgian ale is my favorite Bison.)

Once upon a time, and maybe even now, the city was considered to be the anti-thesis of nature. The process of city building was described as one of trashing the countryside, of swallowing up the hinterland (see Mumford 1961), of despoiling nature and the countryside with its byproducts. But the city of Berkeley in the twenty first century is challenging these notions.

Yes, this is what barley mash looks like, but the stout tastes great!

Bison Brewery uses organic grains in the production of its beers. It also returns its byproducts--its mash--to farmers who use it as compost. For example, the mash from barley, which is used to make Bison Chocolate Stout, is used by an area farmer as compost.

By the way, Bison uses brown bottled made by California Glass Company which is located in Oakland, CA.

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